Which smartphone should I buy?

Playa Mujeres is a new theme park in Costa Rica, which opened on June 8, 2018.The park features a huge, indoor-outdoor roller coaster that will take visitors through a roller coaster simulator that features 3D effects, and rides in a theme park where they can visit with friends.The rides are themed to different theme parks, such as Disney World or […]

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Why Tyler Perry is a game changer for Boston Bruins

The Bruins are on a roll right now, but it’s not all about Connor McDavid, and it’s a huge reason why the Bruins have a chance at making the playoffs.It’s a very different story for Tyler Perry.The 23-year-old is playing well, and he’s the best player on the Bruins right now.He’s been the best defenseman in the League for a […]

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