Why You Should Stop Watching the Movie You’re Watching Tonight, According to a New Study

article The video game movie industry is suffering from a “lost generation” of players who have lost interest in the industry, according to a new study by the Interactive Film Archive.The report also found that the industry is seeing a surge in piracy of films and TV shows.According to the research, the average number of subscribers to video game and […]

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How to make a vintage chess playbook

Play chess with your friends and family this summer, and you’ll find yourself in good company.The new, more portable version of the classic game board that once belonged to President John F. Kennedy and has long been used for chess tournaments and socializing is now a piece of history that can be bought online or in stores.The game board has […]

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How to beat the Walmart DVD player with a chess board, or two…

Walmart has just released a new DVD player that allows you to play chess.The new unit, the Walmart Ultimate DVD Player, is a $49.99 (€48.99) package that includes a chess piece, a keyboard, and a monitor.It’s available now on Walmart.com.Walmart’s move to the DVD-by-mail service has allowed it to charge consumers $0.99 for the entire set of components, which is […]

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